The designer / founder

Founder / designer

Mieko Uesako

She came to Tokyo at the age of 18 and became a fashion designer.
She started designing at MILK in Harajuku.
She studied style painting at Setsu Mode Seminar and cutting at Bunka Hukusou Academy.
1975: Established Norma Jean Co., Ltd.
In addition to the Pretaporte MEKO UESAKO brand,
she also produces stage costumes for many singers and entertainers, commercials, and TV movie costumes.

She start MIEKO UESAKO SPORTS in 1994.
With a golf article as a start, the golf wear designs it, too.
The beginning only as for the Lady's.
The men's line started in the third year, too.

When manufacturers were withdrawing one after another after the collapse of Japan's bubble economy, people around me asked me what I was thinking.
At that time, however, he had no clothes to wear to go golfing.
So I made golf wear that follows the trend of Preta, which I had been doing for many years.

The fire started with a head cover.
People said it can't be sold., but it became a big hit selling 200,000 units!

Many fans from overseas came to the store, including former President Bill Clinton, who had come to Japan, and came to the store in Ginza.

In 2006, the golf brand Mieko Uesako Sports ended due to the dissolution of its partnership with a business partner, but soon resumed as Noisy Noisy. Open an Internet store (available in Korean and English), and Tokyo Hiro-o store, Nagoya store.

2014: Became director of MU Sports Korea, Müci from Spring / Summer.
The long-awaited start of MIEKO UESAKO SPORTS, which had been suspended in Japan since spring and summer 2019.